Centre for Maritime Simulation & Innovation (CMSI)

Centre for Maritime Simulation & Innovation (CMSI)

KASI's Centre for Maritime Simulation & Innovation (CMSI) at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Real Time Ship Handling Simulators. CMSI is the top maritime simulation centre in Malaysia, with the following key simulation facilities:-

  • Our Clients come from all over Asia Pacific Region including Australia.
  • We have provided ship handling and pilotage training including consultancy services to every port within Malaysia and to regional parts as well.
Full Mission Ship Handling Simulator

With a visual system providing a 240° + 70° horizontal FOV, the main bridge realistically simulates conditions onboard a design or training vessel. A full complement of controls and instrumentation is provided to deliver realistic navigation, ship handling and require full bridge resource team management engagement.

Desktop Real Time Ship Handling Simulators

Ship-handling desktop simulators are advanced training tools designed to provide maritime professionals with a realistic and immersive environment for honing their ship-handling skills. These simulators utilize cutting-edge technology to replicate real-world scenarios, allowing trainees to practice ship handling maneuvers, navigation, and emergency procedures in a safe and controlled setting.

Key Features

  1. Realistic Visualization
  2. Advanced Physics Engine
  3. Diverse Ship Models
  4. Real-time Interactivity
  5. Scenario Creation and Customization


  1. Safe Training Environment
  2. Cost-Efficiency
  3. Skill Enhancement
  4. Compliance and Certification
Advanced Tug Bridge Simulator

Our advanced tug bridge simulator is self-contained and specified with the same comprehensive controls and instrumentation as the main bridge. The simulator has supplementary Voith Schneider and tug winch controls and the upgraded 240° + 70° HFOV bridge is used, primarily to provide tug support to the main bridge during research and training and to allow dedicated training for tug handling.