KASI Whistle-Blowing Channel Guide

If you know or aware of any improper conduct, misconduct or bribery committed or is about to be committed within KASI Group, for all employees on:

Examples of Misconduct or Bribery:

  1. Giving or receiving bribes or participate in any form of bribery and corruption in its business dealings is strictly prohibited;
  2. The engagements and dealings with third parties must not be for the purpose of inducing or gaining an unfair or unethical business advantage, or influencing government or regulatory decision for the Group or for personal gain;
  3. The giving and receiving of gifts and entertainment, including donations and corporate sponsorships, whether directly or indirectly with the intention to bribe, to gain unfair or unethical business advantage, or for personal gain is strictly prohibited; and
  4. Actual and potential Conflict of Interest which could result in actual or potential bribery and corruption risk to the Group is prohibited.

Please report to us using this channel.
Any supporting evidence in JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP4 or MP3
(Maximum file size not more than 15 MB)
please upload evidence file(s) by clicking the "Upload File" button below :

Alternatively, you may upload multiple files via WeTransfer and email to info@kasimalaysia.com
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Alternatively, you may also submit your disclosure to info@kasimalaysia.com via email. Please click button below to download pdf document of KASI WHISTLE-BLOWING CHANNEL GUIDE